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Most Teachers and Coaches describe professional development as boring. Many leave with the mindset to “maybe” or “never” implement the strategy they just spent hours learning. 

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meet Nicole

Hey! I’m Nicole! I’m an elementary teacher turned instructional coach with a little bit of K-12 admin experience sprinkled in… I am passionate about supporting instructional coaches and teachers to make an impact on teaching and learning by providing the simple “How To’s” through professional development, books, and digital resources.  If you’re looking for ways to get started as an instructional coach or for support to build rigor in the classroom while developing strong student engagement… You have found the right place! It’s time to MAKE AN IMPACT!

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Organization. Reading Workshop. HELP!!!

Ok, where to begin??  The idea of Reading Workshop can be overwhelming, and it can look different ways. I wouldn’t say there is specifically a right or wrong way to do it. And each year, with each class, it’s going to look differently.  

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