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Building Trust with Adults

It takes a long time to earn someone’s trust, and it can be lost in an instant.  As an instructional coach, earning that trust can take even longer.  Even as a teacher or administrator, earning your colleagues trust takes time, and unfortunately can be crushed with one mistake.

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5 Tips for a Successful Feedback Meeting

Feedback can be intimidating to some, so I’ve put together some helpful tips to make the most out of those meetings that we may not always be looking forward to having!  Keep this in mind: the purpose of a feedback meeting is to positively influence student learning!

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Cupcakes with Coach ~ Setting the Stage for the 1st Meeting

Now that we’ve prepared ourselves with research and gathered materials, it’s time for that 1ST MEETING!  But let’s be real, whether this is your first year, or your tenth year as a coach, getting the “teacher buy in” can be tricky.  So, after trying to decide HOW I could get the trust of my teachers, and begin to build that relationship, I came up with this ~ Cupcakes with the Coach!

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Organization. Reading Workshop. HELP!!!

Ok, where to begin??  The idea of Reading Workshop can be overwhelming, and it can look different ways. I wouldn’t say there is specifically a right or wrong way to do it. And each year, with each class, it’s going to look differently.  

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Gearing Up for Back to School ~ 5 Things Instructional Coaches MUST DO!

Summer is a time to recharge and relax.  With the school year fast approaching, as a coach, you’ll need all your ducks in a row!  As many of us search Pinterest for the latest ideas, cutest decorations, and new learning techniques, it’s important for us coaches to gear up for another fabulous school year!  These 5 Things will help you prepare for a successful year!

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