*If you are a new teacher just graduating from college and trying to figure out exactly what your new responsibilities will be and how to figure things out... 

*If you are you a seasoned teacher moving to a new school building and wondering if the procedures are the same...

*If you are newly hired at a new school district and trying to understand the district expectations and procedures...  

You are in the right place! 

It's time YOU Get Clarity and Go Teach!


Get Clarity Go Teach is based on the experiences of Nicole S. Turner who became a teacher when there was a teacher surplus in Indiana and was moved from building to building each year.  She quickly learned that each building was different in the way the logistics and expectations ran.  

After keeping a journal of essential questions and becoming an administrator, Nicole realized that this was pertinent information every teacher needed. 

Here is your chance to grab some practical advice on what you should do next. 

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A letter from Nikki...

Dear Teacher Friend-

I am no different than many other teachers that have attended new teacher onboarding and left with tons of questions. 

I would literally walk into my new school building with the focus on the new school year and the enormous task of preparing a print rich classroom.

Then my "First Day of School" came quick and I had to prepare my first week of lessons.  I would think to myself... Do I submit lesson plans? Where can I go make copies? Is there someone to help me with classroom management? Where do I pick up my students? What is the dismissal procedures? What curriculum do I teach? Where do I pick up teacher edition books? Did I need to keep those receipts? Do I get reimbursed for this $200 I just spent?  

I mean, Who really had time to remember to ask those “Business Side of Education” questions when you are focused on getting ready for your student's arrival?

Well, no one really, but many teachers would just be lost and learn as they go.  That can become frustrating when it's your first year of teaching or you are in a new building and trying to get your feet wet. 

And because I have witnessed so many frustrated teachers (and I've even been one) 

I wrote, "Get Clarity Go Teach"

This book comes from my experience in being moved from building to building in the days of teacher surplus.

I began to keep a diary of questions that needed to be asked just so I could focus on the other things. The diary helped many teachers in the past and now it is here to help YOU! 

If you are excited to start your new teaching position informed, go right ahead and grab your copy now.  

I look forward to us connecting.


Praise for Get Clarity Go Teach!

“Becoming a teacher was the best decision I ever made; however, my college course of study did not adequately prepare me for the reality of being in the classroom. This book is a goldmine of nuggets to help any teacher not just survive their beginning years, but thrive to their potential. The insights Nicole shares are based on her own extensive experience from a variety of educational roles that provide the reader with a wide lens perspective on everything behind-the-scenes for a career as a teacher. I wish I had this information when I began my journey. Wishing the best to all who enter this profession- we need amazingly passionate individuals and if you are reading this book I know you are one of the special ones!”
— Gretchen (Schultek) Bridgers Author, Always A Lesson
This is definitely a fantastic handy resource, for all new and veteran teachers, to have. I love how it provides wonderful tips. I can see myself referring to these tips every now and then and at the beginning of each school year!
— Najda Zada, Author Gardenfullofknowledge.com
“This book holds the secret on how to navigate and survive your first year of teaching, this is the stuff they do not tell you in new teacher orientation”
— Renita Perry Author, Teachableresourcefullearners.com

You could spend your entire school year being confused and lost trying to figure out the building processes, professional expectations and logistics of how to get things done—or you could start taking action today.


Get Clarity go teach will provide you with:

  • Specific questions to ask to get clarity in expectations for the school year.

  • Understanding Professional Expectations as a teacher.

  • How to seek out the Special Education Process.

  • How to seek out knowledge about what Teacher Supports you have in the building and even at the district level. 

  • How and why school community and culture is important to your role as a teacher.

Now is the time to stop wasting time and start acting. It’s time to learn all the answers needed to get prepared for the upcoming school year.  With Get Clarity Go Teach, you'll gain the knowledge and actionable advice needed to have a great school year.