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Being a Principal in this day and age comes with a lot more responsibility...


From ensuring student and staff safety, building budgets, staffing, and even parent and community initiatives...




After you have put out 32 fires first thing in the morning you decide to do the daily walk-throughs.  Here you are looking for excellent instruction. But you walk through and realize that “excellent” instruction is far from happening.


Yes, you think to yourself... “I was an excellent classroom teacher!” And Yes! You say "I can show my teachers how to implement guided reading, guided math or even how to create a classroom management plan" but then your name is called on the radio and reality sets back in you just don’t have that kind of time. 


If you are lucky, you had the funds to hire an instructional coach.  You call him/her into your office and shoot off a list of things you saw and needs to be corrected immediately.  The coach says “OK” walks out of your office with great intent to speak with those teachers but they are lost on how to get started in coaching the teachers... How much support do I give each teacher? How do I support all of these teachers in just a few hours? How can they take me seriously? When will I now have time to do observations? Give feedback? Model teach? Are the questions going through their minds… 


So now…


We have a principal who wants to help and can’t? He/She didn’t have the funds to hire an instructional coach so there is no one to ask for help and he/she is stuck on trying to figure out how to get these teachers trained on a particular strategy and the “How To” steps of getting it done.


We also have a Principal who knows how to get it done he/she hired an instructional coach to help with the implementation, yet we have a coach who is lost and doesn’t know “How To” get started or "How To" support several teachers with several different focuses.


If you are either Principal…


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See, I was once in your shoes, as an Assistant Principal of Academics and where my title says I only dealt with academics… We all know that just wasn’t the case!


I had to sit down and figure out just how I could get all of this done.  It wasn’t until one night I was at school late with my children that I realized that I needed to build an outside team to help with this process. 


The decision to hire an outside trainer can be very challenging.  So many questions comes to mind when you want to bring someone from the “outside” into your building to present to your staff such as: Will this person understand our culture and climate? Will I have the buy-in of my teachers? Will they be openly receptive? How much follow up can I get? Will this be too expensive for my budget? And you note to yourself “I have work tirelessly on creating a culture of team and collaboration and I don’t want to anything to interfere.” 


And when I decided to get an outside team… Those were my exact questions and thoughts as well. 


When I finally decided to seek help, I looked for a coach or a trainer who wasn’t connected to a “Big Company” as I felt those trainings were very cookie cutter and I wanted a training that would bring about change and implementation and not just the theory of the Why? and What? we should do.


I searched and searched but individuals were hard to find…


I ended up working with one person and helping to craft the trainings for my staff.  


Where she did the presenting of the material, I helped with the creation of what my staffed needed. 


From that experience, I took away learning so much.  She went on to use those trainings at different schools and I was just excited to see some change happening in student achievement.


Over the past few years, I had been working with teachers and instructional coaches one on one assisting them in implementing instructional, coaching, engagement, and management strategies.  


Here are just a few things some of my coaches have to say…


Nikki Turner is an essential piece to my success this year! She is efficient and timely with her expert communication and support. Her webinars and coaching resources take coaching to the next level. I feel like Nikki and I have known each other for years. She is open and honest of about the struggles and enjoyable moments within the instructional coaching position. Nikki provides a high level of support and builds strong relationships with her coaches; you shouldn’t be surprised if you receive weekend emails checking in with you. She truly cares! Nikki is the perfect mentor for new and veteran instructional coaches and administrators.
— D. Ramseier - Colorado
Educator’s Caravan (Nicole Turner) has totally changed my coaching game! After 3 years of trying to figure out how to be an effective coach on my own, Nicole’s new coaching program was the answer I had been looking for! My confidence level has risen tremendously because now I have a step by step plan and a community of coaches to get advice from on a regular basis. I would recommend this program to anyone who desires to coach or have been coaching for years! Nikki is the best!
— J. McKnight - Indiana


Now, I am ready to bring these trainings to you!


Currently, I work delivering several online workshop and trainings, but....


Working onsite has it’s advantages!!!  



Being onsite allows for me to complete a needs assessment from an objective viewpoint.  Here I utilize my experiences from my roles as a school improvement and turnaround specialist at the Indiana department of education and sitting on review teams for AdvancEd to directly note what needs to happen and develop a training and implementation plan. Onsite support typically includes six to twelve days of consulting work across the school year. Every sessions to designed to meet the needs of each district and school and is based on the climate and culture of the teachers and students. 



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So what's DIFFERENT about my trainings?

These trainings are more than just the What? and Why? I present the ‘How To” and I model everything I ask you to do.  If the training calls for implementation of a new technique in the classroom?  I am modeling with YOUR kids showing you what that looks like!  

If the training calls for coaches who work with with a resistant bunch of teachers. I am right there modeling with YOUR teachers how to navigate the conversations.  When working with coaches, organization and identifying teachers needs are the most important. I work one on one or in small groups to help coaches get set up for the year. I supply forms and resources to help coaches get on and stay on track. 


Can you present trainings on a Saturday?

YES, we can.  It really depends on the stage of the training plan we are in.  The overviews and the teaching can be conducted on Saturdays but the side by side coaching needs to happen during the week while students are present. 


Are training materials and resources included?

Yes, I will provide all materials and bring them with me to the site.  Based on the training, Teachers or Coaches will receive binders, handouts or folders.


I don't really have a topic for my training. Can you help with that? 

Because I have experience teaching, coaching and training K-12, I have great knowledge on many of the Instructional, Coaching, Engagement and management strategies.  We can discuss your needs during our call and decide on where to begin. 


I have a topic, Can train on this? 

Just complete the request form and shoot me the topic and I can let you know if it’s something I can help with.  If I can’t I have a list of awesome trainers I work with I would recommend!


How long does a training last?

Each training is about 6 hours with breaks and an hour for lunch.


We don't have time for a full day, can you do half day?

Yes, a half day training will be consider 3-3.5 hours with a few brain breaks.  Half days can also include just side by side coaching. 


How much does the training cost?

Each training plan is customized to each school and district.  You have the option of combining onsite and virtual trainings.  Feel free to complete a request for consultation to discuss more. 


If you are really ready to get that instructional monkey off your back…

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                                    Step 1: Click HERE and complete a request for consultation.


                                    Step 2: Choose a time that works for you.


                                     Step 3: Answer a few questions.


                                     Step 4: Based on your request (Phone Call or Video Call) a link will be sent to you 2 hours prior to the meeting. 


                                     Step 5: Have the best 30 minutes discussing how “WE” as a team can make your team “More than Effective”


I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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