Simply Instructional Coaching Book

At the core, an instructional coach and teacher leader is someone whose role is to work with teachers and school leaders to improve the educational outcomes of their students. 

Simply Instructional Coaching is based on the experiences of Nicole S. Turner.  She has served as Lead Teacher, Differentiated Accountability Coach, District & Building Instructional Coach, Assistant Principal, Dean of Students and a School Improvement and Turnaround Specialist for the Indiana Department of Education.  Nicole has hosted internationally reached webinars, trained coaches in districts and one-on-one. In all of these roles she has been asked hundreds of questions from coaches who are looking to make an impact with teachers. She has gathered the top questions asked and given explicit answers and even some ‘How to” steps.

This book is “Instructional Coaching Made Simple”

Digging into the Simply Instructional Coaching book you will…

  • Discover “How to” create a system and structure for your day to day coaching.
  • Uncover new ways to observe classrooms that convert into effective coaching sessions.
  • Get clear on what exactly is the important stuff to coach and how you coach teachers.
  • Follow a purposeful planning system that will help you conquer the sense of sporadic coaching and be intentional in everything that you do.
  • Let go of the sabotaging thought that you don’t have what it takes to be a coach.
  • Create a toolbox full of coaching strategies to deal with the most uncoachable teacher. 
  • Completely transform your #teachercoach life!

This book is for New and Seasoned Instructional Coaches who are ready to dig in and do the work to make an impact. 

  • Part I: The Hype Around Instructional Coaching
  • Part II: Transitioning to the Instructional Coaching Role
  • Part III: Supporting Your Teachers
  • Part IV: Utilizing Coaching Cycles   
  • Part V: PLCs, Team Planning and Professional Development
  • Part VI: Building Relationships and Trust with Teachers


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