I'm Nicole, most people call me Nikki. I have a deep passion for helping teachers. I provide teachers with creative and engaging resources and -How to- eCourses so that they can be more than -Effective- in the classr.png

Of all the hard jobs around, one of the hardest is being a good teacher. 

                                                         ~ Maggie Gallagher

Your dream was to become an educator to make a difference in the lives of students.  You spent endless hours becoming a teacher only to realize that being a teacher in the 21st Century comes with a lot more than you bargained for. The inception of the No Child Left Behind Law, State Mandated Standardized Testing, Common Core Standards, and let’s not forget the “Official” State developed Teacher Evaluation process has made teaching more difficult than ever before.  

Some days you struggle because the stress outweighs your passion and between developing engaging and creative lesson plans, progress monitoring, data meetings, PLCs, and a zillion other acronyms, you worry about being an “Effective” Teacher

College classes didn't prepare you for the outlandish classroom behaviors, rude and disrespectful parents, constant demands of your principal, district, and teacher team. You spend hours reviewing data and trying to figure out how to teach small groups, workshop model, balanced literacy, and guided math. 

You attend many professional developments in hopes of gaining insight on what to do next. But the PD given by the school or district personnel and consultant companies are just an abundance of information all in one day.  You go to implement the strategy and you hit a wall, it doesn’t work for you and you have no one to call or the professional development only gave you information but wasn’t interactive enough for you to grasp the concept.  

Now you are overstressed, overworked, frustrated and still worried about being “Effective”.  

If you are in agreement and thinking.... 

“YES! YES! YES!"   

I am happy you are here!

I was a Transition to Teacher graduate and I am right here with you. I have been in your shoes and treaded water from one break to another just to make it through the school year.  I worried about being an effective teacher but the amount of work I did made me believe I should be MORE THAN EFFECTIVE and once I realized that I couldn’t do it alone, I figured out a way to build an outside support system. 

So here I am!  I provide teachers with creative and engaging resources and "How to" eCourses so that they can be more than "Effective" in the classroom. 

I'm Nicole, most people call me Nikki. I have a deep passion for helping teachers. I have spent 10+ years in the field of education and have held several roles.  I have taught grades Kinder, 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th, 5th/6th Reading only and High School Special Education.  

In addition, I have served as Lead Teacher, Differentiated Accountability Coach, Instructional Coach, Assistant Principal, Dean of Students and a School Improvement and Turnaround Specialist for the Indiana Department of Education.  

My current and favorite role is serving teachers and students in the capacity of an Instructional Coach and a member of the 1st cohort of Opportunity Culture Multiple Classroom Leaders (Public Impact) for the State of Indiana for grades 7-12. I will spend my Fall, Spring and Summer Breaks training teachers across the country for Pearson Education.  

After serving in these different capacities, I was able to work with teachers to grow from good to great and that’s why I started Educator's Caravan.

In my online store, you will find creative and engaging resources on literacy and  math, science for grades 5-8 and LOTS of center activities for high student engagement.  

My goal for this website and blog is to provide you with materials you need to save you time, knowledge of strategies to implement in your classroom and ways to be More Than Effective

Check out Educator's Academy, you will find eCourses and webinars that will empower you as an instructional coach, teacher or administrator.  


A Few Things...



I have been blessed to travel this journey of life with three of the funniest, inspiring, encouraging, compassionate, hard-working and entertaining people I know. They give me life and stretch me beyond all measures. 


Fall is my favorite season of the year and I enjoy watching football with my family on Sunday, Monday and Thursday Evenings. Where I don't have a favorite team I love just watching the game.  When I am not being my children's personal uber driver,  I enjoy reading, shopping and binge watching TV shows. 

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