Do you feel like you have tried A LOT different things to help teachers get better in the classroom but you still feel like an ineffective coach or principal?

You still have unanswered questions about your role as an Instructional Coach or Teacher Leader?

Coaching Cycles got you down?

You applied for the job, completed the interview and


If you answered YES to any of these questions...

You are in the right place! 

Transitioning into the role of instructional coach, teacher leader, grade level chair

and anyone who supports the classroom teacher can be hard and confusing.

Many teachers don't understand your role. 

Heck some Principals don’t understand your role.

You have tried to learn how to navigate the waters of not being a classroom teacher

and not being an administrator but you have started to feel overwhelmed.

I get it!

This has created a rough road for you to travel as an instructional coach/teacher leader. 

And now you are searching for what to do next, How do you get clarity? How do you get your questions answered?

I want to introduce to you...


Simply Instructional Coaching

Questions Asked And Answered From The Field

At the core, an instructional coach and teacher leader is someone whose role is to work with teachers and school leaders to improve the educational outcomes of their students.

Simply Instructional Coaching is a based on the experiences of Nicole S. Turner who has served as Lead Teacher, Differentiated Accountability Coach, Instructional Coach, Assistant Principal, Dean of Students and a School Improvement and Turnaround Specialist for the Indiana Department of Education.  Nicole has hosted internationally reached webinars, trained coaches in districts and one-on-one. In all of these roles she has been asked hundreds of questions from coaches who are looking to make an impact with teachers. She has gathered the top questions asked and given explicit answers and even some ‘How to” steps.

This book is “Instructional Coaching Made Simple”

  • Physical Book will ship on April 15, 2019

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Basic Coaching Forms Starter Pack ($4 Value)


Quick Feedback Walkthrough Forms ($3 Value)


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There are 7 forms included:

  • Baseline Observation Form

  • Classroom Observation Notes

  • General Positive Feedback Forms

  • Positive Feedback Log

  • Classroom Environment Checklist Form

  • Student Engagement Evidence Form

  • Weekly Communication Log

Quick Walk-Through Forms.png

There are 5 forms included:

  • 3 Minute General Walkthrough Form

  • Glow and Grow Walkthrough Form

  • I saw... Have you considered? Walkthrough Form

  • 3-5 Minute PQPP Observation Form

  • General Positive Feedback Walkthrough Form



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