Celebrations and Surveys

In previous posts (here and here) we’ve talked about how important it is to give out end-of-year surveys. When you do this, it’s important to show your deep gratitude to teachers for taking the time to provide you with valuable feedback.  What better way to do so but celebrate!  Here are some ideas for end-of-year celebrations. 

Give out Thank You Notes

Write thank you notes to each of your teachers before you ask them to fill out the survey. Tell them about how much you appreciate their hard work. Use specific details about how they have grown and the effort they have put in over the course of the year.

Feel free to start with one of our thank you cards and then add your own personal note!

At the end of your note, add a quick plea for them to fill out the survey.

Have an Ice Cream Social Celebration

Get a few tubs of ice cream, whipped cream, cookies, sprinkles, and cherries and have a make your own ice cream sundae party. Ask the teachers to fill out the survey while they enjoy their refreshing treats.

Online Raffle Wheel

At the end of the survey, give teachers a link that they can follow to enter their name into a raffle. Don’t ask for emails on the form or else it won’t be anonymous anymore!

Celebrate by raffling off something awesome like a weekend getaway or a gift certificate for a fancy dinner.

Give out Swag

Make a little end of year package with school themed t-shirts, hats, lanyards, or fanny packs!  Make it fun! Everyone wearing the same gear can be great for building community and who doesn’t like getting free stuff!

As you give out the bags, ask for them to take a few minutes to fill out the end of year survey. 

Pizza Party Celebration

Order a few pies and gather out on the lawn in front of the school. Everyone loves free food and who can turn down pizza? Thank teachers for the time by giving them a break from cooking for the night. Let them bring their families to make it a real community building event. 

At the end of the night, give a quick reminder about your survey!

Student Appreciation Video

Everything we do is about the students. There is no greater honor to a teacher than to hear a loving, genuine, thank you from their students. Create a short video for teachers where the students give a shout out and a short thank you to each of the teachers. 

Have a watch party and ask the teachers to fill out the survey when the video concludes.

The Bottom Line

While teachers give you feedback, give them a celebration! Make sure they know how much you appreciate all that they do. Have a great summer!

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3 thoughts on “Celebrations and Surveys”

  1. These are great ideas. Thank you! I’m curious, how do you pay for any/all of this? A weekend getaway? Nice dinner? Are these personal funds or school funds? TIA

    • Hey Jasmine-

      I connect with the PTO and community sponsors to partner with the school to do giveaways. I also call local restaurants myself and ask for them to donate to the school for teachers. They always love to do those types of things. If I go out to eat at a restaurant and I enjoy it I might ask to speak with the manager and ask them. I make sure to get their email and follow up. Some do and some don’t but each year I always end up with a few cool gifts.


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